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What is our cancellation policy?

We can offer a refund if you need to cancel your order within 3 buisness days from date of pick up. A fee of $2.50 will be taken out of the refund amount due to fees applied.

No refund will be given for cancellations with less than 3 buisness days of pick up.

Request for cancellations must be communicated via e-mail.

I want to make changes (change of flavour, size, date, delivery) to my order?"

You must give at least 3 days notice if you wish to make changes to the size, flavour or date of your order. If less than 3 days notice is given, a 50% fee, of the original order value will apply to any changes.

We will accept 24 hours notice (cut off 10am day before your product delivery day) for cancellations or changes to delivery service. Outside this time frame, delivery charges will not be refunded.

Requests for changes must be communicated via e-mail

How long will my cake keep?

As our products do not contain preservatives to extend shelf life, we intend for you to eat our cakes on the day you pick it up as the quality and design of the cake will continue to decline.

However, if you wish to keep it longer, it will be safe to eat, but must be eaten no longer than 2 days from day of pick up. Cake must be refrigerated during storage. If it is kept in an airtight container, it will help preserve some of the quality of the cake.

How long will my donuts, cupcake, cakes slices keep?"

We do not use preservatives to extend the shelf of our products. Our products our intended to be eaten on the day it has been picked up. Donuts, Cupcakes, cake slices and macarons should be eaten on the day, or will continue to decline in quality if kept longer.

Please note: We have included a question regarding cakes. Cake slices bought individually from the shop will not keep longer than the day as it has been cut and exposed to air and will continue to dry.

I want to order a cake less than 3 days notice. Can I still order?

You cannot make an online booking. You will need to call the shop directly to see whether there is still availability.

Can i have writing on my cake?

Due to the design of all our cakes we do not offer writing on our cakes. We offer personalised cake toppers at a fee of $15 or Happy Birthday toppers at a fee of $5. The $5 'Happy Birthday' toppers can be purhased directly in store.

Can I pick up my cake outside of trading hours?

No, the shop will be closed. No one will be in the shop outside trading hours

I am allergic to nuts, does the cake have nuts?"

Ube Cake, Yema caramel Cake, Mango Cake, Mocha cake, chocolate cake, red velvet, pineapple cake, Pandan Cake does not contain peanut, tree nuts or other nuts as an ingredient.

Cakes containing Nuts:

Frozen Mango Choco nut contains cashew nuts.

Sans rival Original Flavour and Sans Rival Pistachio contains cashews and pistachios.

Our Menu continues to grow, so please ensure you contact or email the shop for an up to date list of all our cakes does or does not contain nuts.

Please be advised that the kitchen is not a nut free environment and we cannot guarantee that all our products do not contain traces of tree nuts.

I am allergic to nuts, is your products nut free?"

No, our macarons, choco nut cake and Sans Rival cakes contains nuts such as cashews, pistachios and almonds which is processed in the same kitchen.

Our menu is constantly changing, please email, or contact the shop directly should you wish to obtain an up to date list of current menu items that contain tree nut and peanut as in ingredient.

Can I request to change the sugar content?

No, we cannot change sugar content of our products as we have a set recipe for all products.

Are your products Halal?

We only offer Halal for our cakes as a special request. This option is only available for the following cake flavours:

-Ube, Ube overload and Pandan

There is a $15 fee for this option which is available to add when you order your cake online.

Can I make a special request in my order?

The 'Special Request' section in the order form is for description for $15 Personalised Cake Toppers, or specific requests for flavour combination on cupcakes, donuts and macarons. Other requests noted in this section would not be completed.

For other requests please contact the shop directly, or mail

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver to Sydney areas! Delivery starts from $15 and will vary. Extra charges apply Sydney CBD areas . The exact delivery charge will be calculated on cart check out!

Please carefully read the delivery information policy on the website before proceeding with delivery.

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